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Track Lighting


featured track lighting product Featured Track Lighting Product

Assembling a track lighting package can be a real time drain. Wouldn't it be fantastic if you could go to some web site and assemble your own, custom track lighting package right there on the site - then have it delivered to your door.

Welcome to the future.

We found exactly that at Lighting Universe. They allow you to build your own, custom track lighting package - with everything you need and nothing else. You have to create an account with them first, but it's easy and free. Click here to try the custom track lighting feature at Lighting Universe.

featured track lighting product Benefits of Track Lighting

With the great many home lighting options available today, why choose track lighting?

  • Track lighting is flexible. Once the tracks are in place, you can adjust the lighting in your home easily by simply sliding the lamps along the track(s)
  • Track lighting isn't that hard to install. There is usually no need for remodeling.
  • With the variaty available these days, you can find track lighting to fit right into any room or decor scheme.
  • With many interchangable system components, track lighting allows you freedom of expression.









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