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Picture Light

Picture Light

Picture Lights: ELP021
HPARC - Mono-Arc Picture Light

This picture light offers adjustability, functionality, and creative artwork illumination solutions. The picture light may be mounted on a track (mono-rail version) or wall or ceiling mountable (Monopoint version). It is supplied with a 75 watt miniature electronic transformer in the mono-point version, or can be adapted for monorail. The Mono-Arc comes in a Satin Nickel finish and is gently curved in a 17¾" arc.

Constant color MR-16 lamp included.

Dimensions: 17¾" length


Picture Lights: ELP023
DLL2430 Picture Light

Precision crafted picture light for serious art collectors desiring the best; Die cast components with 24k gold finish, to ensure a lifetime of beauty.

Each light is custom made to each painting: order your art light by canvas size.

Using our patent pending technology, precision laser cut optics are made to focus light on the desired surface- and nothing else. Your painting dimensions determine the size and shape of the light pattern emitted by these picture lights. No undesirable shadows, halos, stray light leakage or hotspots.

Mount to the frame or wall using our universal mounting bracket DeBruyne Picture Light is provided with our revolutionary “internal reflector” 12 volt halogen bulb which creates a more even distribution of light across the surface of your painting. You won’t believe your eyes- it almost appears to be lighted from behind!

Halogen light, by its nature provides a more natural color rendering than normal incandescent light sources. Your work of art looks as the artist intended it to appear! Artists themselves have raved over the performance of the DeBruyne Light™.

Dimensions: 6" wide




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